Weakling Cesspool

Seemingly strong and powerful, but really weak. You fight the pathetic and weak—weaker than you. Validation is the name of your game. Your hunger never satiated because your meals have no sustenance. So you eat the pathetic nothings—and they come crawling to your ugly beauty. Your scent powerful, your glow incandescent, but there lays no tangible and real beauty in you. Beauty repressed by coyness and deceptively enchanting words. You’re only here to eat. To be one and to bond has no worth in your corruptness. All you know now is to eat. I came crawling close—enchanted by your scent—now I turn around and leave you to rot.


One thought on “Weakling Cesspool

  1. I am so grateful that I do not have to date and play that game. Finding a mate that is not only your lover, and husband but your best friend is truly a gift from God. I often get the feeling that men feel women are just seen as shallow and out for what they can get. Enticing but the price too high, nice write. Hugs, Joni

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