Some Ethics

You should be broke when you decide to travel. It’s important not to wait until you have money and a stable career. Imagine traveling while knowing what you’ll be doing the rest of your life. Travelling is informative; it’s not an activity or hobby to survive the rum drum reality of honking your way through traffic on the way to work. Travel is about the assimilation of experience; what good does travel do when you’re no longer malleable. The reward is growth, perspectives, and valuable experiences, the risk is addiction, instability, and loss of control. It can be disorienting not to have a home or be in control of your environment, but that’s the point–no one has control.

Sometimes it can be suitable to lighten up to be able to dance through life and maneuver through the bull shit. Get too strong and you weaken your other aspects–you’re unable to breath freely because your consumed by yourself. But never lighten yourself to the point of emaciation; you should never forget where you came from and your strength is a reminder of who you are. Emaciate yourself and you can lose yourself completely. The identity is this duality of individual and collectiveness– each so important and beautiful when in harmony. A sensible, melodic, chaotic dance is the product. It makes perfect sense while at the same time it makes no sense.


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