The Truth is Ugly Today

At twenty-three I’ve been with 4 women and loved maybe two;

And one of the two I never had actually been with, but loved regardless

At twenty-three I don’t know what love is, yet it controls me

Love is something like unwavering conviction to something you value  

Love is permanent yet it loses its acuity at times

It’s something like that

At twenty-three I’ve been to 4 countries, of which I don’t count Honduras—so three

At twenty-three I often remain inconsistent with my practices except that which I have a strong passion for

That which I have a strong passion for is rock climbing




Beautifully unconventional and creative

At twenty-three I live with family after giving up a respectable job

At twenty-three I like to dance and read Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky teaches me something about psychology and morality, I suppose

He believes in God but I don’t know if I do

I hope to find something valuable enough to believe in eventually

Because this poem isn’t even believable to myself

In fact I only wrote this to practice being habitual

So I guess I believe in that

Being habitual and the truth that is


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