Weakling Cesspool

Seemingly strong and powerful, but really weak. You fight the pathetic and weak—weaker than you. Validation is the name of your game. Your hunger never satiated because your meals have no sustenance. So you eat the pathetic nothings—and they come crawling to your ugly beauty. Your scent powerful, your glow incandescent, but there lays noContinue reading “Weakling Cesspool”

New Year’s Flakes

Looking in retrospect at my rejection: Was I too stupid, arrogant, a bad kisser? Were my lips too chap? Did she see my chub while walking out of the hotel lobby after making out? It could’ve been her. She could’ve been waiting for the comforting post-date-text; thinking I would reject her, she rejected me. ItContinue reading “New Year’s Flakes”

Ron and a Hospice Chaplain

Life was straight forward to him.  If he knew what a paradigm was, his life would be marked by pleasure.  His hedonism wasn’t the least bit glorious; there were no jaunts, no benders, no adventures.  The life of Ron was a long-drawn-out ride.  Today, like any, he ordered pizza for delivery.  Despite his unstructured day,Continue reading “Ron and a Hospice Chaplain”

The Great Barns & Noble Purge

Barnes and Noble is too boring for me. I was walking through the rows of books to kill time, and was horrified by the lack of transgressive writing, splatterpunk, and pornos. I picked up a poem, and slowly turned to fluff by the sappy complaining: “How can human beings commit such careless acts to oneContinue reading “The Great Barns & Noble Purge”

Reaffirming Her Existence

Due to a lack of abundance, she was the only pussy that existed. All she did was breath, and I was subdued. I hate to think this girl got a rush off my pathetic neediness, but she didn’t. She only received desperation, and desperation is attracted to anything, even the shittiest people. There’s no doubt,Continue reading “Reaffirming Her Existence”