Accentuated Flesh

Accentuated Flesh The well-shaped pieces of meat, on their way somewhere. They wiggle and strut along, not wanting to be fucked, but wanting to want to be fucked. There’s an ego to them, It stifles and consumes me. Somedays I give them my power. Other days I put my head down, and look at myContinue reading “Accentuated Flesh”

A Game

Against things.  Hate things. Feel guilty, disgusting, pathetic when I give in.  The monk inside, ticks away from the pressure.  Soon, I will be living in a cupboard with nothing but a desk and twin-sized bed.  Holed up in a shack somewhere, deep in the woods or getting lost in the numbers of a city. Continue reading “A Game”

Serendipitous Breakfast Club at Walmart

Why is it all so peculiar? Why can’t I have a normal life, where I savagely hunt squirrels to bring back to my wife, who will then concoct squirrel-jumbo for me? Pretty much, I want to be a crude animal who has no thoughts at all. I guess working forty hours a week, watching shittyContinue reading “Serendipitous Breakfast Club at Walmart”

To All Writers

I think I’m done writing. The truth is starting to unveil itself to me: it’s a clever sham that has me believing that I’m doing something. I am doing nothing. I am an indolent-inertia mass of shit. The effort it takes, is at best moderate. The courage it takes is none. It is a frivolityContinue reading “To All Writers”

An Anthology of Two

Woman in a Man’s Body Muscles, pumps, scrutinizing one’s body in the mirror.  All are signs of being a pussy.  What is the being of a pussy ontologically?  Having a pussy and valuing it.  To be gifted something, and to be that which is gifted to you, is the epitome of being.  Well, muscles aren’tContinue reading “An Anthology of Two”

Ignorant to Ignorance

It’s night. A little while ago I was in the restroom, and thought I heard a noise; my instinct was someone or something was there. The artificially created world took control of my brain and contradicted my instincts. It’s the wind, the AC, the washer, something that is easily discernable. Anything, like say, something undetectableContinue reading “Ignorant to Ignorance”

Kieslowski and FRIENDS

These words are the result of binge watching The OA for the second time.  Can you believe this clever movie with a phenomenal plot got canceled?  Thanks Netflix.  The most watched films on Netflix are Atypical, Pineapple Express, and Grey’s Anatomy; I’m not surprised with Netflix’s decision.  These words are simply yin and yang.  AContinue reading “Kieslowski and FRIENDS”

Pitiful Writing While Listening to Explosions In The Sky

I hate to write some pitiful and excessive indulging in my sadness shit, but I really cannot help myself: I want to kill myself. Yes, those trite words. Except I really want to. My mind wouldn’t let me sleep last night. Again tonight. And I’m helpless with this broken leg; can’t drive into town toContinue reading “Pitiful Writing While Listening to Explosions In The Sky”

Vicarious World

It’s Tuesday, which is relevant because of his appointment. One Tuesday a month, he drives to the local Experience Lab and waits to be administered with a dose of other peoples experiences. The word vicarious is politically loaded in this world. People view vicarious as morally degrading. If the world is reminded of their spectatoresqueContinue reading “Vicarious World”

Refuting Aristotle

Find the mean they say While they ramble and reason away. They have no mean Their muscle in their head, in perpetual feeding. While they talk about balances, and means. No mean in your rambling Your over philosophizing is: Unbalanced Excessive Redundant Emotionless No sensibility in your writing I want drugs Aristotle To counterbalance, yourContinue reading “Refuting Aristotle”