Meditative Self-Mutilation

My ten minute meditation turned into self-mutilation. A few minutes in and I was somewhere else. She was on my bed. It must have been a different outcome. I was still meditating, but I wasn’t alone. She got up to use the restroom. She was in there for a while. I heard her walk backContinue reading “Meditative Self-Mutilation”

I’m A Cop

McDonalds institutionalized, You indolent bag, Make your own chili today, Make it again tomorrow- add onion, And the next day- add jalapeno, Toss the cheap packet and create your own spices, You’re almost there you destitute pile, You can feel the decadence slowly running off your disgusting body, Fat doesn’t have to be decadent ifContinue reading “I’m A Cop”

I Hate the Elusive Wounds. Tie Me Up and Beat Me Instead.

I hate the not knowing of what my pain is more than the pain. The parts that have been carved into me, are snidey and elusive. Some are easy to catch, but not all. Fuck it, it must be my genes. No that’s bullshit; the blame game is weak and stupid. I can recover allContinue reading “I Hate the Elusive Wounds. Tie Me Up and Beat Me Instead.”