Ignorant to Ignorance

It’s night. A little while ago I was in the restroom, and thought I heard a noise; my instinct was someone or something was there. The artificially created world took control of my brain and contradicted my instincts. It’s the wind, the AC, the washer, something that is easily discernable. Anything, like say, something undetectableContinue reading “Ignorant to Ignorance”

Kieslowski and FRIENDS

These words are the result of binge watching The OA for the second time.  Can you believe this clever movie with a phenomenal plot got canceled?  Thanks Netflix.  The most watched films on Netflix are Atypical, Pineapple Express, and Grey’s Anatomy; I’m not surprised with Netflix’s decision.  These words are simply yin and yang.  AContinue reading “Kieslowski and FRIENDS”

Indecisive Inertia State of Being

Choices, All equal and valid No one better than the other How to choose: Which one do you like more? All the same The all or nothing man Inertia it is Paralysis because of the infinite This is why people join the military Military: A seemingly choice Minds own deception Indecisiveness is scary: Knowing youContinue reading “Indecisive Inertia State of Being”

Vicarious World

It’s Tuesday, which is relevant because of his appointment. One Tuesday a month, he drives to the local Experience Lab and waits to be administered with a dose of other peoples experiences. The word vicarious is politically loaded in this world. People view vicarious as morally degrading. If the world is reminded of their spectatoresqueContinue reading “Vicarious World”

Refuting Aristotle

Find the mean they say While they ramble and reason away. They have no mean Their muscle in their head, in perpetual feeding. While they talk about balances, and means. No mean in your rambling Your over philosophizing is: Unbalanced Excessive Redundant Emotionless No sensibility in your writing I want drugs Aristotle To counterbalance, yourContinue reading “Refuting Aristotle”

My First

Do I turn into a recluse and misogynist due to my lack of intimacy? No. I big dick energy through the circumstances: I put on muscle mass, talk to women, and stop being an insecure bitch. My leg ties into women and dick energy. Two hours away from my house in Desolation, Iowa is theContinue reading “My First”

Constipation at 2 a.m.

I feel connected to Bukowski. My experience of the human condition through extreme stomach cramps and constipation is beautiful. At 2:00 a.m. I get a malicious hello from my bowels. Immediately I sit on the toilet. Forcefully I push while making war like faces as if I’m penetrating a rival tribal member with my spear.Continue reading “Constipation at 2 a.m.”

Tell Me About Yourself

In preparation for a possible job interview: “Tell me about yourself.” “What a mind boggling question. Sounds like a question concocted out of the most obscure arrangement of four words possible. The answer to this question, is as non-existent as classy pussy at Walmart. What is there to say about myself? I’m a product ofContinue reading “Tell Me About Yourself”

Eudaimonia and Shit

In limbo. Do I adapt and overcome? You know: get my lab work done, so a physical trainer can scrutinize my body to the point where he’s telling me that my enzyme level is blah blah, and that I’m predisposed to so and so gene, which would subsequently result in a rigorous regiment. Or doContinue reading “Eudaimonia and Shit”

A Historical Artifact

This is an artifact. Hundreds of years from now, there will be no future progeny of mine reading this. Un-serendipitously for me however: the girls who I didn’t procreate with and their crass partners will have kids who will have kids etc. who will read this. I will be their illegitimate great, great, etc. grandpa;Continue reading “A Historical Artifact”