The Great Barns & Noble Purge

Barnes and Noble is too boring for me. I was walking through the rows of books to kill time, and was horrified by the lack of transgressive writing, splatterpunk, and pornos. I picked up a poem, and slowly turned to fluff by the sappy complaining: “How can human beings commit such careless acts to oneContinue reading “The Great Barns & Noble Purge”

Not Leaving The Animal Hidden

Most my behavior is out of ego. Not showy and pretentious behavior, but behavior which constantly makes me prove myself internally. I see people take the berating of others, and create a weak defense to protect themselves. I used to too. I defended myself to the last straw. The more I was berated, the veilsContinue reading “Not Leaving The Animal Hidden”

Why Must I Endure Chili Burn My Arm and Experience The Blues?

Humbling yet sad to know, I’m another spit up product of my time. I masturbate and look in the mirror too often, lack meaningful romantic relationships, and am a bit anti-social. I’m most likely a narcissist, and so are you. How I manage to try, I don’t know. I am trying, though. I workout likeContinue reading “Why Must I Endure Chili Burn My Arm and Experience The Blues?”

The Alternate Reality Perceiver is Now Out!

He wakes up and is greeted by his high tech lenses. Before he has time to think, he slips the glasses on. The glasses shine a hologram, which can be self navigated with hand gestures. They are never elusive, and keep you company during your shits. Like a drill sergeant, the glasses are physically separateContinue reading “The Alternate Reality Perceiver is Now Out!”

Reaffirming Her Existence

Due to a lack of abundance, she was the only pussy that existed. All she did was breath, and I was subdued. I hate to think this girl got a rush off my pathetic neediness, but she didn’t. She only received desperation, and desperation is attracted to anything, even the shittiest people. There’s no doubt,Continue reading “Reaffirming Her Existence”

Misanthrope? Ew, No. Collateral Damage Caused by Rage? Yes

People aren’t inherently bad. Never mind, that’s arrogant of me. I don’t know what humans are. Morality: Aargh. Fat People are aargh too. They’re cereal killers. They’re worse than serial killers. I went to the store, and there was Rob. Rob is 5’6 and fat. He looked indolent, because of his weight, but he provedContinue reading “Misanthrope? Ew, No. Collateral Damage Caused by Rage? Yes”

Not Patriotic. I Joined to Kill

It’s December of 2016 and I’m seventeen. At seventeen that animal is starting to develop; I’m ready to fuck and let out my aggression. Fucking wasn’t happening, so my aggression became more acute. Most of my time spent as an up and coming Netflix subscriber and Credit Card owner, was used to get fucked up;Continue reading “Not Patriotic. I Joined to Kill”

Stores Ranked in Order of Decadence

We all have to do the grocery ritual thing. I imagine some people even go to the store, not to buy their ramen and mac ‘n cheese, but to fill their big fat empty soul. (you know, the target chicks who drink their lattes and walk around the store to indulge in their fleeting sexuality)Continue reading “Stores Ranked in Order of Decadence”


Cuckhold  It’s 11:54 on a Sunday night, and I allowed something pathetic to happen: the world has submitted me to it’s domineering nature.  Every sexual urge inside me, has been sublimated to watch other people.  As these desires become more and more suppressed, the fear of experiencing intimacy grows greater.  The world has locked myContinue reading “03-20-2021”